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Vitamin B6 – An Essential Vitamin for Women’s Health

Dr. Hanna Ian Vitamin B6 has emerged from obscurity as a major vitamin for women’s health.  Over the past decade numerous reports in medical literature demonstrate the value of a B6 supplement for the treatment of many women’s health problems.  Women today need far more of this important vitamin than their grandmothers did, as there […]

Counseling Relationship within the Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Hanna Ian This paper explores the dynamics of the counseling relationship specific to Naturopathic philosophy.  The role of the physician and the responsibility of the patient in the process of healing are central to the discussion of the counseling relationship.  The counseling relationship provides a vehicle to approach the symptoms of illness through recognition […]

Eating Nuts Reduces More Than Just Your Waistline

Dr. Hanna Ian Food scientists and medical researchers are calling nuts the latest superfood for their ability to reduce the risk of a number of diseases.  From cancer and heart disease to diabetes and obesity, studies indicate consuming nuts prevents disease, and promotes a healthy metabolism. Studies in the United States and Europe have shown […]

Bacteria: The Guardians of Health

Dr. Hanna Ian Microorganisms are the oldest life form on earth.  They are everywhere and they are numerous.  The weight of all microbial life on earth is 25 times greater than all animal life.   Not only have humans evolved in the presence of bacteria, our health is greatly dependent on maintaining harmony and equilibrium with […]

The Healthy Breast

Dr. Hanna Ian “Trabecular derangement and mazoplasia cystica with adenosis bilaterally.  Some prominence of the suspensory ligaments.  No evidence for superdensities, skin thickening, or unifocal hypervasculatity.  Scattered acinar, punctate, singular calcifications in both breasts, the largest 1.5 mm.  They are quite discrete and do not have the same appearance as microcalcifications associated with malignancy. TRANSLATION: […]