Patient-centered care

Dr. Ian is a super-sleuth in the investigation of the causes of chronic disease. Expect to tell your story and be understood. Your life-story has many clues to the environmental assaults and multiple causes of your chronic disease. Dr. Ian will look “upstream” to investigate the complex web of interactions that are causing your illness. 

A science-based approach to health care    

Your unique genetic make-up, internal factors (nutritional status, stress and resilience) as well as external factors (environmental assaults, the physical and social environment) effect the whole function of the whole body. Expect an education about the cause and resolution of your dis-ease and a treatment plan that address your existing conditions, genetic influences and lifestyle choices. 

Integrating the best medical practices

With a background in public health, a naturopathic medical education and advanced practice training in Functional Medicine, Dr. Ian will use conventional and specialized laboratory testing, as well as other diagnostic tools to evaluate your health. Botanical medicine, targeted amino acid thereapy, fatty acids, vitamins and prescription drugs may be prescribed, but are supplemental to the plan, which is make the disease go away.

Health as a positive vitality, and more than just the absence of disease

Expect a total shift in how you live, move, eat, think and feel. Expect to see big changes within the first three weeks, and even bigger changes as time goes on. Expect to be an active participant in the restoration of your health!

Paying for Your Visit

Navigating through the world of insurance is complicated. Benefits are tied to qualifiers and deductibles, and coverage varies from policy to policy. For this reason, we do not bill insurance companies in your behalf nor accept third party payment for services rendered.  We provide you with a statement of services which contains all the information you will need to submit to your insurance provider for either reimbursement or to be applied to your out of network deductable. We request payment for services as they are provided. You can use your Health Savings Account (HSA) for all procedures, consultations, laboratory studies and neutraceuticals dispensed from this office.

Get the results you want…

  • Health that will sustain you the rest of your life.
  • Less prescription medication.
  • Ideal body weight without fad diets.
  • More physical and mental energy.
  • Happier and more positive mood.
  • Graceful aging.  
  • The return to Wellness.

– Dr. Hanna Ian
The Naturopathic Physician